Maria Mercedes

"Maria Mercedes" was a remake of the 1977 novella "Rina" by director Valentin Pimstein with Thalia in the role originally played by Ofelia Medina and without the macabre flavor. Whereas the original telenovela was sinister, the new version drops the supernatural elements and focuses on the comedic talents of Thalia as Maria. Arturo Peniche as Jorge Luis del Olmo makes a handsome and romantic leading man for Thalia. Thalia's real-life sister, Laura Zapata, plays Malvina del Olmo, a selfish and materialistic woman who is disinherited by her late nephew as punishment for her greedy and selfish nature. Instead, he has left half of the house and all his fortune to Maria Mercedes, a poor and destitute girl he met on the street, on the condition she lives there. By

Maria Mercedes [DVD](1992) DVD
Thalia delivers the first of many affecting performances in "Maria"-themed Mexican soap operas, portraying a woman born into humble circumstances who must scrape and claw for every advantage. In this gripping series, she plays Maria Mercedes Munoz, a poor young woman who supports her family through the selling of lottery tickets until she sees a chance to turn her life around after meeting a dying millionaire. Arturo Peniche co-stars. 9 hrs. total on three discs. Standard; Soundtrack: Spanish Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: English. In Spanish with English subtitles.