Hollywood Homicide

Harrison Ford as thrice-divorced LA detective Joe Gavilan, he wrings out the same worn grimace and trademark smirk which made icons of Han Solo and Indiana Jones. And while it may no longer wash in America (where the picture bombed), this throwback, throwaway buddy picture is the better for his timber-tinged presence.

Teamed with the prerequisite rookie cop, KC (Josh Hartnett), Gavilan investigates a rap-related slaying, linked to record company boss Antoine Sartain (Isaiah Washington).

Why "Sarr-taayyn" (as it's invariably drawled) may have killed his clients is lost in a hodgepodge of endearing character-based comedy and the unwritten movie rule which states that all American detectives must stumble around gormlessly until the villain bottles it. Then have a big chase.

This 'climax' is pitiably predictable, but it does afford us the opportunity to watch a bloodied Ford furiously peddling a child's pink bike after the perp. And Hartnett commandeer a family car, whose worried kid passenger asks if he's going to die. "No. Well, yes. Well, you will eventually, but not now," is the brilliantly burbling reply. By bbc.co.uk

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Hollywood Homicide (2003)


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