The Forgotten

Telly Paretta believes that her son Sam died fourteen months previously but her husband Jim tells her that she is delusional. Doctor Munce tells her that she is delusional and imagining a life that never happened after a miscarriage; he recommends that she be sent to a hospital. At this she runs away and meets with a man (Ash) whom she thinks is the father of one of her son's friends. At first he dismisses her and calls the police, but as she is taken away by the police he also remembers his daughter and rescues Telly; together they escape and go into hiding, pursued by agents.

Telly and Ash capture and torture an agent, who reveals that the agents are merely helping "them" and it is for the protection of humankind. The roof of the house then blows off and the agent is abducted, presumably taken by "them", and the two flee. Eventually, she visits Dr. Munce again—and he reveals to her that the occurring disappearances are the work of 'them', and that the government monitors their trials—aware that they have no power to stop 'them' from doing whatever they want to do.

Eventually Telly hunts down one of "them" at an abandoned airport and he tells her that she has been a part of an experiment into whether the bonds between mother and child can be broken. Telly refuses to deny her son's existence. She is choked and ordered to give up her first memory of her son; the first time she saw him as a newborn. But she recalls her pregnancy and the being who has been experimenting on her is 'blown away'. She then finds herself living her normal life with her son again, though she remembers everything that has happened. She reunites with Sam at a park. Also at the park, is Ash, watching over his daughter. Like Sam, he has no memory of what has happened. Telly "re"-introduces herself and the two sit and watch the kids play in the playground. By

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The Forgotten (2004)