Colombia Movie

Rodrigo D: No Future (1990)
A raw and powerful look at youths struggling to survive in Medellin, Colombia, "the murder capital of the world." Called "a revolutionary piece of filmmaking," this unflinching story focuses on Rodrigo and his friends, trapped in a lifestyle filled with violence and drugs.

Edipo Alcalde (Oedipus Mayor) [NTSC/REGION 1 & 4 DVD. Import-Latin America] (1996)
Sophocles' legendary tragedy is transformed into this tragic drama set in modern-day Colombia. Dispatched to negotiate a peace between warring revolutionaries, Edipo (Jorge Perugorria) begins an affair with a warlord's widow (Angela Molina), unaware that a shocking secret will soon engineer their ultimate doom. Francisco Rabal, Jorge Martinez also star.

Ilona Arrives with the Rain (1996)
Three friends plot to buy a steamship, but first must raise the cash--criminally or otherwise. The trio includes a Lebanese ex-convict, a sailor on a ship, and a woman planning to open a chain of brothels in which the prostitutes dress like flight attendants. Margarita Rosa de Francisco and Humberto Dorado star in this acclaimed Colombian comedy-drama spiked with sensuality.

El Rey [DVD](2004) DVD
Inspired by the life of Colombian drug kingpin Jaime Caicedo, this stunning drama follows a man's journey from opportunistic businessman to maniacal crimelord. After transforming his home country's modest cocaine trade into a multinational conglomerate, he finds his empire threatened by a number of enemies--including himself. Fernando Solorzano, Cristina Umana, Olivier Pages star. 92 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: Spanish; Subtitles: English, French. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Milagro En La Tierra Del Cafe [DVD](2006) DVD
In 1930s Colombia, young Franciscan monk Felipe has to choose between his faith and pursuing the woman he loves. While he deals with that crisis, a young girl is found dead and his best friend is suspected of killing her. But when Felipe decides that his pal is innocent, he makes a drastic decision that could cost him his life. John William Bedoya, Maribel Hernandez star. 89 min. Soundtrack: Spanish; Subtitles: English. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Paraiso Travel [DVD](2008) DVD
Promising her lover a sexual reward at the end of the journey, teenaged Reina (Angelica Blandon) convinces Marlon (Aldemar Correa) to accompany her on the dangerous trek from Colombia to the U.S. After making it across the border, the couple is split up in New York, where they are forced to struggle for survival in the bleakest of surroundings. Vivid drama co-stars John Leguizamo, Raul Castillo. 110 min. Soundtrack: Spanish and English; Subtitles: English, Spanish. In English and Spanish with English subtitles.

Gringo Wedding (La Boda del Gringo) (2007)
An attractive, highly motivated business executive (Ana Lucia Dominguez) working in Colombia meets a potential man of her dreams (Justin Kane) through a dating service. The trouble is...he lives in Florida? Can the partners in this long-distance relationship eventually come together for a fairy tale wedding? Find out in this charming romantic comedy co-starring Sebastian Boscan, Julio del Mar.