Blue Car

A gifted 18-year-old named Megan has been abandoned by her father and soon neglected by her mother. Her mother has been working hard and long lately because she needs the money to support herself and children. Her dad doesn't pay child support often which causes money problems.

Lily, Meg's younger sister, has serious mental problems, and we find out that she has been starving herself because she wants to become an angel. After being checked into the psychiatric ward of a hospital, Lily finally kills herself by jumping out of an open window as she tries to "fly". Meg continues to find solace in her English teacher, who claims he is passionate about writing his novel. Her English teacher becomes a comfort and a father figure to her through Meg's troubled times, and finally he encourages her to join a poetry contest.

A relationship soon develops between Meg and her teacher, and soon she allows her teacher to sleep with her. It is only after this incident that Meg, looking on the top of a desk, realizes that her teacher has, in fact, not written a novel at all, and all of this was a way for Meg's teacher to get the one thing he wanted from her. There is a melancholy mood throughout the entire movie until Meg finally decides to live with her father, and she enters his blue car, still not sure of what to do.

Blue Car (2003)